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  • Aaron Lamp

    With its glass cylinder base and a neutral shade, the Aaron Lamp takes on contemporary glamour and allure. Width: 8″ | Height: 28″

  • Blue and White Porcelain Lamp

    Width: 1′ | Height: 32″

  • Gourd Lamp

    Clearly curvy, the Gourd Lamp is a must for completing a polished event. The textured fabric shade contrasts with the glass’s simple smoothness, and creates a striking addition to any tabletop. Width: 1′ | Height: 31.75″

  • Tribeca Chrome Lamp

    The Tribeca Chrome Lamp offers a sleek and modern décor alternative with its chrome skinny base. Length: 2″ | Width: 32″

  • Wine Jug Lamp

    With a neutral coloration and a charming wine jug shaping, the Wine Jug Lamp offers a great addition to modern or traditional décor. Width: 14″ | Height: 34.25″

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