Bar screens and other Covid-19 accommodations available!

Bar screens and other Covid-19 accommodations available!

The Luxe Look: Incorporating velvet and leather event rentals into your design scheme

Planning a winter wedding? Incorporating rich materials like velvet and leather into your design scheme is an infallible way to elevate the aesthetic of any event. Velvet accents add a sense of drama and warmth that feels particularly apropos for events that take place during the holiday season. The subtle sheen of velvet upholstery also lends depth to soft and…

Selecting Decor for Winter Weddings and Events

Baby, it’s cold outside! Surprisingly, we mean that literally here in Dallas, Texas. Temperatures have already started to dip into the 30s and 40s on occasion, which has our team anxiously awaiting all of the holiday weddings and events to come. As cozy and glamorous as they may be, winter events do frequently require an extra measure of thought and…

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