The garden party theme has taken center stage—and for good reason. If you aren’t familiar with this style, think outdoor soiree with eye-catching florals and romantic decor. The beauty of this event theme is that there’s still plenty of room for personalization. Some brides lean into a brighter color palette and patterned bridesmaid dresses. Others take a more refined approach with white roses and lots of greenery. Whether you’re going for classic or colorful, our event furniture inventory has all the garden party essentials you’ll need. Let’s take a look at the pieces featured in Flora Kate and Baron’s glamorous garden party reception for a bit of inspiration!

The Foundation: Seating

Equal parts fabulous and approachable, garden-inspired events evoke an atmosphere of ease without sacrificing elegance. At Flora Kate and Baron’s reception, seating played an important role in the overall set-up. Tucked beneath custom lattice awnings draped in florals, our Lane Banquette proved to be a foundational piece. Our Lizzy Tete a Tete provided another point of comfort and beauty while acting as a focal point in the tent.

At the heart of the reception stood our exquisite Silver and Mirrored Communal Table, complemented by our Ghost Barstools, creating a look of sophisticated balance in the center of the venue. These pieces not only added stylish seating options but also ensured that the spotlight remained on standout features, like the Lizzy Tete a Tete.

Positioned next to the dance floor, our Lauren Banquette provided guests a place to unwind and enjoy each other’s company, while our White Bistro Table offered a space to set down drinks. We’ve been seeing a lot of these dance floor lounge areas lately, and we’re in full support! A set-up like this is perfect for guests who prefer people watching, as well as those in need of a breather after dancing the night away.

The Party Begins: Stage and Bar

After selecting the perfect seating, Flora Kate and Baron + their event team honed in on elements that further enhanced the enchanting ambiance of their reception. Our Gray Lattice Stage Facade was the perfect complement to the couple’s classic checkered dance floor!

Our Lattice Bars were brought into the design for a cohesive look with loads of visual appeal. The uniformity of these pieces ensured that the breathtaking floral arrangements throughout the venue remained a focal point of the reception.

The Final Touches

Every part of furnishing events excites our team, but there’s something especially fun about adding the final elements to bring it all together. Both fun and iconic was Flora Kate and Baron’s recreation of the classic “I love you so much” graffiti wall in Austin with the help of our Boxwood Wall.

Last but not least? A display table for Flora Kate and Baron’s elaborate wedding cake. With classic lines and a bright white color, our Octagon Display Table kept all eyes on their flower-adorned confection.

All in all? We’re obsessed! It was an honor to play a part in bringing this couple’s vision for a sophisticated and romantic reception to life.

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