If you are looking for a luxury venue with a romantic flair, The Olana provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable wedding or event. We loved collaborating with local Dallas-Fort Worth wedding vendors to create a gorgeous styled shoot at The Olana, and had the opportunity to showcase our decor at the venue’s Vendor Reveal Party as well!    

Located in Hickory Creek, Texas, The Olana is defined by its mansion venue and French-inspired grandeur. Every detail speaks of sophistication and romance. The floors are marble and the grand staircase is hand-carved. Even the elevator is plated with gold accents.  

The Olana isn’t just a luxury facade, though. It is a fully functioning venue with private suites, pools, and a bowling alley for your guests or wedding party to have a memorable time. The bowling alley also features a chandelier, of course. We weren’t kidding when we said elegance is in every detail at The Olana.

Because you want an elegant wedding or event, and because we are obsessed with rose, gold, rose gold, and everything in between, we’ve put together some ideas to integrate Perch Event Decor into your next event at The Olana!

Glamourous Banquette Seating

Combine our semi-circle Lauren Banquette, rosy pillows, and a Greta Coffee Table to create the perfect seating area for guests. Conversations will flow effortlessly between friends and family at this comfortable nook.

French-Style Dining

Our signature William Dining Chair is one of many available pieces that complement the luxury and elegance of The Olana. It’s also the perfect choice for an outdoor ceremony. Your photos will be beautiful and your guests will thank you for including these comfortable chairs in your event design!

To find out more about what Perch Event Decor has to offer for your upcoming event, contact us here. We hope to see you at The Olana soon!