The Do’s and Don’ts of Residential Style Decor

Let’s set the scene: you’re enjoying yourself at a friend’s wedding. You’ve spent the majority of the night catching up with friends, dining on delicious food, and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. You want a moment to sit and catch your breath, while still remaining present in the celebration. Enter residential-style event decor.

Residential event decor incorporates items such as sofas, tables, lamps, and rugs into events of all styles. From weddings to birthday parties to corporate events, these furnishings place a priority on guest comfort, all the while maintaining a cohesive, chic look.

Just like any other design style, the number one rule is to create a look that you love. But if you’re aiming to incorporate this style into your next event, there are a few things to keep in mind to align with the residential decor school of thought. We’ve put together a handful of tips that will make your event design stand out from the rest.

Don’t: Miss Out On Comfortable Seating

If comfort is your thing, then count your blessings that you were born in the right generation where an entire aesthetic has been created around being comfortable (hello, athleisure). Residential-inspired event design takes the preexisting tension between comfort and elegance and marries the two. Why sacrifice an enjoyable experience for decor that only looks good? With this trend, you’ll never have to pick between the two.

Comfortable seating is a must – especially when dining. With the right banquette or dining chair, guests will feel right at home while enjoying their meal and gearing up for the moment your dance floor opens! Pillows, of course, are the ultimate cherry on top. From neutral accents to colorful statement pieces, pillows lend a polished yet inviting look to any vignette.

Do: Accessorize with Rugs and Lamps

The key to creating a successful residential-style design for your wedding or event is to choose pieces that complement your venue while still kicking things up a notch. Saying “I do” in an industrial warehouse? Don’t miss the opportunity to bring in the perfect rug to soften your space. Outdoor seating areas also benefit from the addition of a rug, which acts as an anchor for each grouping.

It’s no secret that lighting is everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but lighting drastically transforms a space. Make guests feel right at home by adding the right table lamp to your dining tables or bar. No more dimly-lit dinner conversations on our watch!

Do: Make Side Tables Your Event Sidekick

Side tables, coffee tables, and really all tables provide additional space for guests to feel accommodated and have their needs met. When these types of tables aren’t included in an event plan, guests will be left juggling purses, drinks, and cocktail hour plates. Not exactly a recipe for easy interaction! We’re all about a coffee table for that plate, a side table for purses and phones, a display table for the wedding favors they’ll be taking home, and everything in between.

Photo by Saras Lover Photography

Handcraft Your Next Event

Like decorating your home, no one can tell you what you should or shouldn’t do at your event – it’s yours, and it’s a great opportunity to show some personality! No matter which pieces you choose, our inventory has everything you need to pull together a residential-style event design that evokes authenticity, comfort, cohesion, and sophistication.

Curating events that are unique to you + universally loved is our specialty! Contact us today to begin making your moodboard a reality.