[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The world of event planning and decor is increasingly taking cues from the world of interior design, which means that more than ever before, furnishings for events are being selected for their unique and fabulous form as much as for the function they provide. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top design trends experts are forecasting for 2019 and discuss how those looks might translate to wedding and event decor!


The color experts are predicting that furniture and accessories will be saturated with jewel-toned shades in 2019, and we are more than prepared to supply choices that fall within these pretty parameters—our Emerald Dakota Chair and deep navy Luke Sofa come to mind! Of course, we also have plenty of classic and timeless pieces in shades of gray and beige that pair beautifully with richly-colored pillows. Our Diana Arm Chair and Edward Sofa are two of many options that can help a seating vignette strike the balance between contemporary colors and classic style.

Photos: Courtnee Murphy Photography | Stephanie Michelle Photography | Courtney Hanson Photography


Bold patterns are also on the rise! Our bar facades are a smart way to incorporate this trend, as they can be customized with removable wallpaper and decals to bring a truly unique look to any event. Get inspired and see a few examples here!

Custom insert pattern on Perch Decor’s Round Hampton Bar | Event Planning: Abbie O Events | Photo: Skylar Reeves Photography


Last but not least, we’re happy to hear that mixed metals and boho-inspired accents will remain relevant into the New Year. Our Hammered Brass Coffee Table is a wonderful example of both!

Jewel tones and mixed metals at Modern Luxury’s Modern Man event and a private event | Photos: Sheryl Lanzel | Jason Kindig Photography



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