With the arrival of COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020, many of us felt forced to choose joy or safety. Thankfully, science has made it clear that there are still plenty of ways to safely celebrate love this year. You bring the love. We have the décor covered! If you’ll be hosting a more intimate wedding this fall or winter, here are a few tips to ensure your celebration is both a safe AND a spectacular occasion.

Personalized Face Masks

Couples have been making lemonade out of the lemon that is 2020 with beautifully personalized accessories. One of our biggest concerns about this year’s formal gatherings was: How would masks affect the fun and fashion of future celebrations? No need for you or your guests to worry, though.

Planning: Alison Baker Events | Photography: John Cain Photography

Mask mandates can be an amazing way to draw attention to your event and alleviate guests’ worries about which gown pairs best with surgical blue paper. Talk with your wedding planner about the best way to let guests know that masks will be required and provided on-site. Guests will appreciate the uniformity of the masks (plus, this is one wedding favor that will get immediate use).

Use Decor Strategically

Set up accent tables around your venue with signage to remind guests to mask up. We love the idea of personalized sanitation accessories as well! Have signage and sanitizing accessories set up on the coffee tables of your lounging areas. Our Lindsey Cocktail Table is perfect for setting up sanitizers and safety signage without taking up too much space. Placing a pair of gold shelves at the entrance of your ceremony or reception venue is another easy way to help guests grab their goodies and go.

Planning: Mathes & Co | Photography: f8 Studio

In light of COVID-19, we’ve also created specialty screens for our bars to help protect you and your guests. The best news? They’re completely transparent, which means they won’t take away from the design of your day!

Many couples have felt varying degrees of apprehension about exchanging vows during this time. We’re certainly going to do everything we can to keep the celebrations coming. We love love. And we’re committed to making sure that it can be celebrated safely. Contact us to inquire about our new hand sanitizing stations and protective screens that can be added to your bar. If you’ve decided that family and friends take precedence over fear, just make sure to let guests know that you’re taking safety seriously at your celebration. With the right décor and precautions, the pandemic doesn’t have to put a stop to your plans!