Baby, it’s cold outside! Surprisingly, we mean that literally here in Dallas, Texas. Temperatures have already started to dip into the 30s and 40s on occasion, which has our team anxiously awaiting all of the holiday weddings and events to come. As cozy and glamorous as they may be, winter events do frequently require an extra measure of thought and planning due to those aforementioned weather fluctuations. With that in mind, we interviewed Jacqueline Hill of Jacqueline Events to bring you must-know information about fête-ing in the late fall and winter months. Read on for her top planning tips and current decor crushes, and keep scrolling to view photos of a gorgeous Christmas wedding Jacqueline designed using furnishings from Perch Decor!

photos: John Cain Photography

Ogden Wedding with Perch Decor rentals
Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting Decor for Winter Weddings and Events

What kinds of color palettes are you loving for this year’s late fall/winter weddings and events? 

“While whites and golds will remain a go-to for winter weddings, we also have loved using deep greens with metallics. There is something dramatic yet romantic about a lush room filled with greenery!”

How can couples getting married around the holidays give a nod to the season without being too cheesy? 

At a wedding we did right before Christmas last year, we had personalized boxes of holiday cookies for the guests to take home. It was our way of acknowledging it was Christmas without planning a themed reception. Another idea is to do fun holiday dance props such as antlers or light bulb necklaces for late night dancing. People will think it is fun and you don’t have to have Santa in attendance!”

What are your favorite types of event rentals to include in fall/winter event designs? 

“The velvet furniture pieces at Perch are a go-to for fall/winter events. The rich colors with the warm texture is the perfect combination for this season. I also love the tête-à-têtes! If I can work one into a room, I will. These pieces create immediate interest in a design while still allowing for the room to flow properly.”

Jacqueline’s Top 3 Tips for Planning a Winter Event:

1) “Don’t ignore the weather! Please be mindful of what is going on outside even though you may be inside. Do you need coat check? Consider something warm for your guests to drink on their way home. Think through how the weather will impact your special day.”

2) “Pick your date carefully! With the holidays, school calendars, corporate parties, and personal holiday parties, calendars are sure to fill up. Book your date early to guarantee that your friends will have your event penciled in first!”

3) “Don’t fall into the cliches of a winter event! Think outside the red and green or all white color palettes. Bring warmth to the party by using plaids in navy, or hunter green and gold. You also don’t have to have a Christmas tree—think outside the box and keep it classy, not cheesy!”

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