Planning a wedding can be stressful—but we don’t have to tell you that! Whether it’s keeping social distance, fear of offending uninvited second cousins, or just wanting to spend your special day with those closest to you, there are plenty of reasons to opt for a smaller guest list and more intimate soiree this season. With the right planning and decor, your small wedding will still make a BIG impact.

Make sure you choose an appropriately sized space for the number of your attendees. And then, make sure you choose the best furniture and accents to fill that space. The right décor can make your small celebration feel cozy and personal instead of barren and abandoned. One perk of a small wedding? It’s the perfect opportunity for guests to have a banquet with the bride and groom! Place some of our Farm Dining Tables together to ensure that your reception is well-received and welcoming.

Pay attention to the other seating situations, too. It’s nice for everyone to enjoy the meal together, but it’s also important to provide more intimate lounging spaces where the guests can visit after dining. Provide cozy seating areas and a well-stocked bar to encourage your guests to comfortably converse with each other. Check out our Henry Arm Chairs and Boxwood Bar to create a pleasant and personal party.

Don’t forget the ceremony! There are many creative ways to use your ceremony seating to make a statement…and have your guests thanking you for thinking about their comfort on your day. For small weddings, we’re loving the use of loveseats and upholstered chairs in lieu of traditional Chiavari chairs. Check out the way our William Dining Chairs effortlessly elevated this intimate ceremony.

Layer textiles by adding rugs to the venue. With the right lighting, this is a great way to fill the area without sacrificing space. Our Lynn Rug and Rose Lamps go beautifully with warm and cozy color palettes and create a mood that will encourage guests to enjoy each other’s company. And speaking of lighting, a pair of Ginger Jar or Blue and White Porcelain Lamps always look beautiful on a bar!

Browse our lamps and other accessories to make sure your shindig feels exclusive, not empty. Want more ways to increase the intimacy of your nuptials? Contact us today to see how our décor can help your small soiree become the biggest bash of the year—no matter the number of guests!