Styled lounge areas have been all the rage in recent years—and for good reason. Receptions are all about mingling, chatting, and enjoying the company of others. With the proper furnishings, your guests will find it easy to cozy up and have great conversations, making for a memorable and enjoyable wedding experience for all!

The Anatomy of the Perfect Lounge

Main Seating

An essential for a cozy lounge setup is the main seating, including (but not limited to) a couch, banquette, or tête à tête! Although lounges can consist of chairs alone, we love anchoring a lounge with a piece that allows for multiple guests to sit and chat at once (i.e. a sofa). This is a quick and easy way to give your lounge a cozy, friendly feel. Our Charlotte, Natalie, and Lauren Banquette have been especially popular lately!

Secondary Seating

Once you’ve picked your main seating for the lounge area, it’s always good to add in secondary seating options. These can be in the form of dining-style chairs—like our ultra-modern Sky Ghost Chairs or romantic wicker-back William Dining Chairs—or more traditional accent chairs. Adding a Channing or Dakota accent chair to your lounge area is sure to bring lively color, luxe texture, and a modern feel to any reception space. Stools are also a great way to add extra seating while maintaining a minimal look.

Secondary Lounge with Diana sofa and armchairs
Photo: Kate Pease Photography

When building a lounge area for a reception, we take a hint from our own living rooms. Tying your seating together with accent tables and coffee tables is not only practical (we need a surface to set down those signature cocktails, after all), but also creates a visually cohesive area. Some pairings we love: a curved banquette with an Emily Coffee Table, a traditional-style Diana seating set with geometric Lindsey tables, or velvet seating and a Scarlett Cocktail Table. Each combination is unique and the possibilities are endless!

Floral arrangement on top of a tete a tete with pillows
Photo: Kiss Me For Eternity by Thisbe Grace & Co.
Decor Accents

To further customize your lounge area, decorative accents are a must! Perch Decor is known for our fun and diverse pillow selection. Choosing the right pillows for a reception lounge is an artform (as is creating the perfect pillow chop)! Accent your lounge’s coffee table with candles to create an ambiance makes guests feel right at home. By adding florals to side tables or even to the top of a tête à tête, you’ll be able to tie in the rest of your reception decor and create a seamless look, from the lounge area to your head table!

Ready to create the perfect lounge for your wedding or event? Narrowing down your favorite furnishings and accessories can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Contact us today and we’ll use our lounge area expertise to help you design a space you’ll love.