Photo: John Cain Photography

Floral: Three Branches Floral

Mix-and-match bridesmaids dresses, editorial photos, and all custom everything – we can’t get enough of the current wedding trends we’ve been seeing this year. While tradition hasn’t been thrown out the window, weddings are breaking free from conventionality in terms of style choices. More and more couples are embracing bold hues and unique touches that celebrate their story.

If you’re seeking to plan a personalized wedding, we’ve got you covered with our diverse collection of residential-style event rentals. From dining chairs to dance floor lounges, our collection includes a wide array of *new* furnishings with endless style and color options. Let’s take a closer look now!

Add Some Color with Seating

Colorful seating is on the rise, and we’re here for it. You need chairs for your guests, so why not put a stylish spin on a functional item and choose something that contributes to the theme?

This garden party vignette at the 2024 Arlington Spring Hall Soiree was a pastel dream thanks to these carefully curated pieces: our Arthur Dining Chair in Natural Wood with Pink Linen Cushion, Poppy Banquette, and Wooden Bistro Table.⁠

Photo: John Cain Photography

Design/Floral: Branching Out Events

Love the vibe, but looking for something a little less pink? We just added 48 variations of new dining chairs to our inventory, AND they’re all available in high quantities! With five new styles, each offered in a range of colors, there’s something for every theme, venue, and aesthetic. Be sure to check out all of our DFW dining chair rentals to bring your Pinterest-perfect vision to life.

Natural Wood Gracie Dining Chair with Linen Cushion

Photo: John Cain Photography

Floral: Three Branches Floral

Lounge in Style

Interior design inspired furnishings continue to be our most requested event rentals, with lounge areas taking center stage. We totally get why – lounge zones give guests a place to rest their feet and do a little socializing, while also adding aesthetic appeal to your special day.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added two new sofas to our collection: meet the Macy Sofa (top photo) and the Millie Sofa (bottom photo). The comfortable, contemporary design is sure to be a hit with guests – and add some oomph to your reception photos.

For Fans of Rattan

As effortlessly chic as a sunny day in Saint Tropez, our new Rattan table collection has all the pieces you need to create a major moment at your cocktail hour, reception, or ceremony.

Coastal-inspired and completely classic, this collection includes the Rattan Bistro Table, lounge-ready Rattan Coffee Table, and matching Rattan Console Table (ideal for displaying details like picture frames, floral arrangements, your guest sign-in book…you name it!).

A Perch for Every Party

To discover more event inspiration and to see our new pieces in action, head over to our Instagram. Ready to start curating your wedding event rentals? Contact us today to book a showroom tour! While we’re based in Dallas, our residential-inspired event rental furnishings are available nationwide. We’ve got a Perch for every party, and we look forward to being a part of bringing your vision to life. Happy planning!